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Thomas Buchanan 10 String Mandolin Soundboard Replacement

This lovely Mandolin was sent to us all the way from England to receive some major surgery by James. The owner of this mandolin wasn't happy with the sound from it on so many levels and wanted James expertise to work some magic on it. From James' experience with these mandolins he was well aware of how they are built and also knowing the many factors that influence the sound from them he knew exactly how to go about it. And so it was done and needless to say we have a very happy customer.

So here's the details : These mandolins have soundboards that are quite thick and also have quite large braces that aren't scalloped which will really effect the sound and tone that you will get from the instrument. So original soundboard removed and a brand new "lightweight" one specially made with specific bracing to enhance the sound the customer was looking for. The fixed bridge also has a lot to do with dampening the sound too. So along with the new soundboard, James went with a new handmade ebony bridge and new Allen cast tailpiece, all again to enhance the sound for our customer. Now all done and sent back to England to be endlessly played as it should be. Between getting crazily busy and loosing power during thunderstorms this job did take a little longer than we had anticipated so we would like to give a special thanks to this customer for his patience and understanding. We do look forward to meeting him in person post Covid when he is over on holidays! 🎼


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