OM Style Spalted Beech Guitar

Here's the spec :

TOP - Special Grade Sitka Spruce.

BACK & SIDE - (Proud) Irish Spalted Beech.

NECK - Mahogany with African Blackwood veneers on headstock.

ROSETTE & HEELCAP - 3000 year old Irish Bog Oak.

BRIDGE - African Blackwood.

BINDINGS - African Blackwood.

The Spalted Beech in this guitar was sourced locally in Piltown Co. Kilkenny. It was a monster of a tree that blew down in a storm a few years ago. I was lucky enough to secure the purchase of this fine tree. African Blackwood is sourced from a village in Co. Waterford. Bog Oak is from the bogs near Tybroughney Castle by the River Suir.

I have to say this guitar has shocked and astounded me. I was not expecting to get the sound I have from this guitar. It blows Rosewood out of the water, and for being Irish wood it is magnificent. I'll certainly be making many more instruments with this Beech.

Inside it I have top graded Spruce billetes resawn into soundboard bracing which achieved beautiful sound for Irish woods. Real bright high tones, very high mid tones and perfect bass.

Binding was put together in the workshop with green white green Sycamore veneers with a touch of green dye.

All in all this guitar is from home, carrying the true Irish colours, the Green White and Gold 🇮🇪

Exotic Ebony OM Style Guitar

Here's the spec :

TOP - Special Grade Sitka Spruce

BACK & SIDES - Exotoc Ebony

NECK - Mahogany with 3000 yr old Irish Bog Oak Veneers on back of headstock, African Blackwood veneer on the front.

ROSETTE - Irish Bog Oak with Abalone Pearl inlay.

HEEL CAP & WEDGE - Irish Spalted Beech.

TUNERS - Gotoh 380

Hardwearing EVO Gold fretwire & two way truss rod.

This is a beauty not only to eye but also to the ear with clear, crisp sound and stunning clarity. Hard to show the real beauty in photographs with such an excellent finish, all you get is reflection!

Pau Ferro Octave Mandolin

Here's the spec ;

Top : Special Grade Sitka Spruce

Back and Sides : Pau Ferro

Binding : Cocobolo

Neck : Mahogany

Fretboard : Ebony

Bridge : Ebony

Rosette : 3000 year old Irish Bog Oak & Paua Shell

Headstock Front : African Blackwood

Headstock Back : 3000 year old Irish Bog Oak

Gotoh Mini Machine Heads

Hard wearing EVO Gold Fretwire

530mm Scale

This octave mandola turned out magnificently and sounds beautiful. All aspects of it are completely handmade except for the Gotoh machine heads. The Spalted Beech truss rod cover and the brass tail piece all handmade by James himself.

OM Style Indian Rosewood Guitar

TOP - Special Grade Cedar

BACK & SIDES - Indian Rosewood

NECK - Mahogany with African Blackwood veneer on the front and back.

ROSETTE -African Blackwood.

HEEL CAP & WEDGE - Irish Spalted Beech.

TUNERS - Gotoh 380

Hardwearing EVO Gold fretwire & two way truss rod.

This guitar endorses itself in a proud rich sound with the Cedar soundboard giving it plenty of warmth in the bass and highly resonates. Just a beaut!

Here's the spec :

Pau Ferro Octave Mandolin

Here's the spec :

~ Brazilian Pau Ferro back and sides.
~ Sitka Spruce top.
~ Mahogany neck.
~ Ebony fretboard.
~ Flamed Maple binding with red & white purfling.
~ 3000 year old Irish Bog Oak rosette with Paua Shell and black and white purfling.
~ Local Spalted Beech heel cap, truss rod cover and tail end wedge.
~ Handmade Ebony bridge.
~ Handmade African Blackwood headstock veneer on the front, black dyed Sycamore veneer on the back.
~ Hard wearing Evo Gold fretwire.
~ Gotoh machine heads.
~ Paua Shell fret dots, Mother of Pearl side dot indicators.
~ Fishman Pickup.

Pau Ferro Octave Mandolin

Here's the spec :

Back and Sides : Brazilian Pau Ferro

Front : Special Grade Sitka Spruce

Neck : Mahogany

Fretboard : Ebony

Bridge : Ebony

Bindings : Cocobolo with white/blue purfling

Rosette : Irish Bog Oak with Paua Shell

Headstock Front : African Blackwood Veneer

Headstock Back : Irish Bog Oak Veneer

Ashton Bailey Tailpiece

Evo Gold Fretwire

Gotoh Machine Heads

These octave mandolins are proving to be one of our bestsellers and mainly because of the sound they produce with the Pau Ferro. They really pack a punch of real sweet sound.

Exotic Ebony Irish Bouzouki

Here's the spec :

Exotic Ebony back & sides.

Special Grade Cedar Top.

Mahogany Neck with Ebony fretboard inlayed with Pau Shell dots.

Spalted Beech wedge and heel cap.

Cocobolo Binding with blue/white purfling.

African Blackwood headstock veneer with a specially requested finial on the top.

EVO Gold Fretwire.

Finished with Ashton Bailey tailpiece and Gotoh Machine Heads.

This was an absolute pleasure and joy to craft and can't wait to get started on the next one.

Pau Ferro Octave Mandolin

Here's the spec :

Back & Sides - Pau Ferro.

Top - Special Grade Sitka Spruce.

Binding - Flamed Maple with Blue/White purfling.

Inside Bracing - Top Grade Spruce.

Kerfing - Cedar.

Neck - Mahogany.

Fretboard - Ebony with Abalone Pearl Dots.

Headstock Veneers - Irish Bog Oak.

Rosette - Pau Ferro with Abalone Pearl Inlay.

Wedge, Heel Cap & Truss Rod Cover - Irish Spalted Beech.

Ashton Bailey Tailpiece.

EVO Gold Fretwire.

Gotoh Machine Heads.

Not only does this look and feel astounding to play it also sounds magnificent with true resonance and smashing tones. No wonder this is one of our most popular instruments and never disappoints us or our customers.

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