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Our Handmade Purflings & Bindings

Our handmade purfling and bindings 🎼

When you get an instrument made by us absolutely everything in it is handmade even down to our purflings and bindings. Bindings are strips of wood, sometimes plastic, but we always use wood, that are used to bind the instruments around the edges. Inside of these bindings you can have purflings which will be clearly seen on the front and back of the instrument. Here is a little description on how we make ours:

♦️Thin strips of wood veneers are cut to length and depth.

♦️They are then layered up to the desired design and glued together.

♦️We then place them on the instrument mould and tape them in place so they dry to the shape we need.

♦️Taken off when dry and cleaned up from any excess dry glue.

♦️ Planed to height and ta-da ready to fit 🎼

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