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Martin Soundboard Replacement

** Martin Soundboard Replacement **

Lovely Martin guitar that had a slight accident resulting in the soundboard getting broken. It was previously glued back together but just didn't have the sound anymore as it was full of cracks and bracing was broken.

It was taken to James where he removed the neck firstly and then the broken soundboard taking extreme care not to damage the sides as the back and sides are high pressure laminate. New soundboard made up by James himself with D-28 style bracing to give it that extra punch and black and white sycamore veneers inlayed as the rosette to make it similar to what was on previous soundboard. New soundboard put back on with 4 coats of lacquer, neck back on and bridge. Strung up and collected by customer to play for two weeks to let the new soundboard settle. It will be back then for its final set up with proper string action.

This Martin is now sounding much more brighter and resonates a lot more than the previous soundboard with the extra work that went into the bracing.

Happy days!

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