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About Our Business

Where it all began

James' love, passion and skill for both woodwork and music brought the fundamentals to start this business. He is a keen guitar player since his youth and plays with many local musicians. His love for woodwork and more especially his interest and curiosity in instrument making started when he was just 13 years of age when he did attempt his first handmade guitar. He did from then take apart and rebuild many an instrument to give him the knowledge and confidence to become a master craftsman. His pure determination and skill along with many years of running his carpentry business brought him to become a Luthier, after successfully completing his Luthier training. 

From there he started to build and grow his instrument making business. Starting from a small garage 2012, it has been a lengthy process as anyone in the business knows the equipment and supplies needed do not come cheap. But, as the business needs start to grow so does our workshop and our workforce. We are a family run business and now have our own large instrument manufacturing workshop based in Piltown, Co. Kilkenny.

It all started from James' teenage dream to build his own guitar.

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