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For All Your Acoustic Needs

James Martin Instruments Welcomes You!

Looking to buy a new instrument? Searching for a specific sound? We’ve got it covered here at James Martin Instruments. Whether you’re looking for a handmade instrument, a small repair, a total refurbishment or any type of information, we’ve got you covered. We are a family run business located just on the outskirts of Piltown, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland and we make sure our customer receives only the best quality products and service. Get in touch and see what we can do for you.

James creates the finest handmade instruments from only the best, top quality, hand picked tonewoods. From start to finish your instrument goes through a process of inspection, touching, sanding, touching again, listening, sanding, listening and touching again, inspection, tapping, listening over and over again many times. This is to ensure that you receive only the greatest instrument you have ever or will ever play with the sweetest, clearest tone with resonance to astound along with complete ease of playability.  From James' creations we have handmade guitars - Parlour, OM & Dreadnought, handmade octave mandolins, handmade bouzoukis and handmade ukuleles - Tenor & Baritone.


As seen on String Theory with J.P. Cormier!


Want to visit us for a consultation?

Please book an appointment.

As the workshop at JMI is very busy we would appreciate very much if you make an appointment before visiting. Please make contact through phone, text, email or Facebook and an arrangement can be made for an appointment.

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